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THE LEGION:GHOST stand for honest, uncompromising, modern metal and intense and wild live shows.

…with this battle cry the newcomers of the modern metal scene assert themselves confidently as a new power in the metal ring!

THE LEGION:GHOST from the Aachen / Cologne area have only been in existence since the beginning of 2015, gave their live premiere directly at the renowned Euroblast Festival 2015 and have since then made their name in the scene with wildly explosive live shows alongside such greats as All That Remains, Misery Index, Callejon, Hatesphere or The Charm, The Fury. Just in time for the release of the current album “WITH COURAGE OF DESPAIR” Ektomorf went on the “European Fury Tour” across Europe in March 2018.

But it’s not only the daily growing number of sworn fans, who are loyal to their legion, with which the quintet causes a sensation throughout Germany.
Because THE LEGION:GHOST, that is an overall concept: The emergence from a contemporary sound with the pressure of an onrushing company, told stories, visuals and the inseparable unity of band and fans. A homogeneous whole and metal straight from the heart!

Nearly one and a half years after their successful album debut, THE LEGION:GHOST are back with more: The second studio album “WITH COURAGE OF DESPAIR” (release date 16.03.2018) is a consequent development of the first one “…TWO FOR ETERNITY” (release date 30.09.2016). The focus is clearly on groove, melody, hardness and lots of variety: complex arrangements, powerful riffs, powerfully grooving drums and bittersweet melodies characterize the 12 new tracks. With crazy blasts, staccato guitars and multi-layered vocal harmonies the songs turn out more playful and dynamic – and yet sound like THE LEGION:GHOST through and through. And so the typical interplay of melancholy and brutality can also be found in the lyrics

…when Fronter Kevin powerfully vocalizes the capitalist
meritocracy, angry his criticism of
media (contents) or to more personal topics such as love, jealousy and depression, sometimes strikes clear, softer tones. Brutal, massive, heavy, intense and unbelievably tight: This is how Metal sounds in the 21st century!

Important facts:

– Support for Callejon, All That Remains, Hatesphere, Misery Index, The Charm The Fury

– European tour “European Fury Tour 2018” with Ektomorf
– Debut album “…Two For Eternity” mixed by Caliban guitarist

Marc Görtz, Mastering of Olman Viper at Hertzwerk Hamburg

(among others, Caliban, Emil Bulls, Pyogenesis)
– Video for the first single “Unwelcome” directed by Pascal Schillo

(Eskimo Callboy)

Tour Dates

No shows booked at the moment.