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Dirk Lehberger



SERENITY are the most enigmatic dream of every Symphonic Metal-lover! With a full grasp of stunning emotions and superior dramatic compositions these Austrian folks are world class, already winners of the prestigious Amadeus Austrian Music Award 2017. SERENITY has captivated fans and audiences for nearly two decades, and they’re showing no signs of stopping! Their current and seventh album,  The Last Knight – inspired by the life of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I sets the world on fire with thrilling stories of times long ago, catchy melodies and an unprecedented spectrum of sound that will inspire fans to listen over and over again. For years, the band has been a prime example of epic symphonic and melodic metal, showcasing both distinct heaviness and a lot of heart.  SERENITY has redefined themselves without forgetting their roots. Be a part of their grand journey!

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