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Dirk Lehberger



INFINITAS – Fantasy infused Melodic Metal from Switzerland
Breathtaking violin melodies, distinctive guitar riffs and a frontwoman who impresses with

powerful growls as well as enchanting clean vocals.

After several SOLD OUT shows with new frontwoman Mary Crane, INFINITAS sets further milestones in their career.
In January 2023 INFINITAS release the new single KRATOS.

Recorded & Produced by Tommy Vetterli (ELUVEITIE, CORONER, KREATOR). Jonas Wolf & Alain Ackermann (both ELUVEITIE) were part of the production as well. A must for every music lover.

The innovative & empowering live shows of INFINITAS take fans far away from everyday life, into a world where everything is possible.

Message from INFINITAS
«Discover what you are capable of & listen deep into your heart. What is it whispering? Everything you need to achieve your dreams, is already inside of you.
Be strong and face your inner fears.

Let the music flow through you & dive deep into the fantasy world.
Can you hear the demons’ screams?
You’ve created them and only you can banish these creatures.
You are the creator of your life. Become one with the music and you will overcome everything. Are you ready? Then….Let the journey begin… »

INFINITAS open the door to another world and leave you enchanted! They radiate pure joy of life, power and energy on stage.

INFINITAS used this energy and acted as support act for ELUVEITIE, at MetalDays Slovenia, at Z7 Pratteln and have shared the stage with acts like ALESTORM, CORONER und BUTCHER BABIES.

Each song tells the story of a demon wreaking havoc in the fantasy world.
In their 2017 debut album CIVITAS INTERITUS, Adelar’s hometown Lunatris is completely destroyed by demons within one night. The fight for survival begins. But are all demons really evil? Or do they serve a higher purpose? What if they are a mirror of our reality?

Fantasy and creativity characterize INFINITAS in a special way. The single Skylla, released in 2018, catapulted the band into Swiss charts at #19 (two weeks) and four weeks at #1 on the Radio Sunshine listener charts.

A year later, the album INFERNUM (2019) was released, which continues the story around Adelar’s personal hell. INFERNUM is a lot darker and heavier than its predecessor. And is the first part of the trilogy MEMORIA.

2 singles were released with INFERNUM. RAHU (2019) spent 2 weeks at rank 1 in the Radio Sunshine Hits and 4 weeks at rank 3 in the Radio Sunshine listener charts.

Insider tip: Chrigel Glanzmann’s vocals (ELUVEITIE) are featured on the track “Tiamat”. Rank 19 in Swiss-album charts, MetalDays Slovenia, Z7 Pratteln & Support for ELUVEITIE

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