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APRIL ART are not the kind of band, that are withdrawing during the Corona crisis. On the contrary, they used the time during the first lockdown to further develop their artist profile and to rehearse, so that they are able to come back and play live again after the pandemic is over. Until then, they were and will be attacking social media and the rock radio landscape: Their single “BREAK OUT”, released in August 2020, already made it into the rotation on Germany’s largest rock radio station Radio BOB !, where it was on heavy rotation for more than 9 weeks.


The single “Break The Silence”, which was released in January 2021 to support the entire event industry, brought the band international attention. The video was shared on over 1.600 Facebook pages after release. The single was supported by big German rock musicians, such as THE SCORPIONS,
DORO PESCH, HENNING WEHLAND, SUBWAY TO SALLY and many more. The US portal A&R Worldwide from Los Angeles (largest A&R newsletter in the world) became aware of the campaign and reported on it.

As a result, the band was invited by singer Laith Al-Deen in spring, to perform on the TV show #bühnefrei of the TV-station „Hessischer Rundfunk“ in their broadcasting hall and to talk about their work during the pandemic. The TV shows „Maintower“ and the „Hessenschau“ also reported.

The TV-station WDR also became aware of the band and quickly booked them for the legendary TV show ROCKPALAST. The broadcast and publication on YouTube will take place in August 2021.

“Only one and a half years after their acclaimed debut album, the young band has stepped up a lot and delivers uncompromising alternative rock to break out and rock out”
-Radio BOB!

“Energetic, melodic and full of power – the cool mix of metalcore and alternative rock can hardly be summed up much shorter and at the same time more precisely”
-Rock Antenne


On July 2nd, 2021 the long-awaited 5-track EP FIGHTER with the new single PAINKILLER including a new music video was released!

The five songs are a powerful expression of what April Art has stood for since the beginning: For doing your thing. To stand by yourself and believe in yourself. To mobilize all your strength to carry away any stones that get in your way. And above all: To have the courage to make your dreams come true.
Uncompromising, straightforward alternative-rock paired with a good portion of metalcore.

While the first single BREAK OUT encourages you to break out of rigid thought patterns and to follow your dreams, BREAK THE SILENCE draws attention to the fact that communication and mutual help are the key to happy togetherness. The song PAINKILLER shows the beautiful things in life: those who can calm the pain and who are worth always making the best out of every situation. The fourth song, INVADED, warns of a purely digital togetherness, which leads to people becoming more and more alienated and, especially in the social networks, bubbles appear that only allow one truth. The last song is the epic, rumbling title track FIGHTER, which encourages you to fight your way out of negative situations, find yourself again and stay true to yourself.

And this sound monster is now waiting to be finally performed LIVE in front of the hot FESTIVAL-CROWD!

APRIL ART – That is naughty alternative rock paired with metalcore
and punk influences.
The focus is on the rough and pithy vocals of front woman Lisa-Marie.

Bullet For My Valentine The Dead Daisies The New Roses
Henning Wehland Kissin’ Dynamite Beyond the Black
Battle Beast Die Happy Exilia

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